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"In Nautica Marbella you can enjoy an unforgettable day of fishing on one of our fully equipped boats with professional crew to practice the bottom fishing and 'trolling'."


The bottom fishing is the most known and practiced fishing technique consisting of throwing and catching lures, at different speeds and depths, causing the fish to bite the fly and remain hooked to it.

The idea of this technique is to trick the fish into believing that the bait is fresh food.

Species of fish: sheepshead, bream , fork-beard, snapper, fork-tailed permit, sea bream, sea bass, bass, etc.


Curricán fishing or "trolling" it is a fishing method which is based on dragging the rig, wich can be done from a boat or from the shore.

Artificial, colorful and articulated baits are used, simulating the way a small fish swims, but being actually a hook, thus tricking the fish.

This type of fishing is generally directed to predatory fish such as tuna, sword fish, therester sharks, mackerels, blue sharks, etc.